poppy lemongrass

blogger | photographer | graphic designer | custom shape maker| makeover artist | personal organizer | marketing consultant | voice actor

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poppy lemongrass photography

basic portraits – $L2,500 | artistic portraits – $5,000

special occasion photos – $L12,000 per hr [minimum 1 hr]

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graphic designer

adboards – $L6,000 | fliers – $L12,000 | business logos – $L30,000 +

custom shapes

custom shape – $L12,000

provide me with a photo (real life or second life) or a specific idea of what you want your avatar to look like and i will create the shape, the eyebrow shape, find the skin, skin details, eyes, hair, clothes, etc that are needed to produce the avatar you envision. this shape will never be sold to any other person.

makeover artist

makeover service – $L3,600 per hr

whether you need a new wardrobe, or want to completely redo your avatar from head to toe, i can help.

personal organizer

inventory organization – $L3,600 per hr

together we will work through your inventory creating dominate folders, sub folders, and discarding boxes and dated items. *discord, skype, or teamviewer is required for this service*

marketing consultant

marketing consulting – $L6,000 per hr

in both real life and second life i am a marketing consultant. i can provide marketing advice for your business or personal brand.

voice actor

voice over – $L4,800 per 100 words

i can provide voice over work for your dj sets, business commercials, videos, and more. *you must provide a script for this service.*

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