Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller
“I can read your future. I can change it ’round some, too. I’ll look deep into your heart and soul…you do have a soul, don’t you?”

Sponsored by The Darkness Chamber Fair

— Body Enhancement Credits —
Rainbow Sundae: Demon Skin Overlays
WarPaint: Moonage Eyeshadow
WarPaint: Paloma Brows
WarPaint: #IWokeUpLikeThis4 – Freckles + Blush + Liner
Keikumu – Squalane Gloss (Eyes & Forehead)
Ladybird: Sunny Blush (30%)
Izzie’s: Breast Veins + Stretch Marks
Izzie’s: Cellulite + Stretch Marks
Skoll: Warriors Scar Set
Cureless: Yuurei Eyes – Purgatory (Right Eye)
Heaux: Baby Eyes – Periwinkle (Left Eye)
Mandala: Fantasy Elf Ears
Germinal: Silence Hands Tattoo @ TDCF
Monso: My Hair – Julia
Heaux: Mei Skin *Limited Edition*

— Outfit Credits —

Implings: Cassadaga Sarong Outfit @ TDCF
Ars Hokori: Demon Lord Horns @ TDCF

— Scene Credits —

Bad Unicorn – Freetown Forest Backdrop
Lilith’s Den: Garouka @ TDCF
Angry Store: Korax @ TDCF

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