“But if the world was ending you’d come over, right? You’d come over and you’d stay the night. Would you love me for the hell of it?”

High Quality Version on Flickr
Sponsored by Sex’i Poses

Sex’i Poses: Sexy Bath Couple (includes tub)

— Scene Credits —
Foxcity: Rose Bathroom Photobooth
Hive: Macrame Hanging Plant Purple Polka
Tarte: Ficus Elastica
DRD: Rustic Bathroom Towel Rack
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Board
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Hair Vial
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Soap Dish
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Brush Dish
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Stool
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Floor Towls
Nutmeg: Attic Hideout Painting

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