Sponsored by Lilithe, Normandy, Babyboo, and Tropix

Lilithe’// Skadi Tattoos [Gacha] @ Midnight Order


Skadi Tattoos are in areas that can easily distort with different head shapes – Try the demo before purchase. BoM is modifiable for tinting.

10 Commons | 4 Uncommons | 2 Rares | 1 Ultra Rare
COMMONS: Nose Markings | Plain + Faded
UNCOMMONS: Chin Markings | Plain + Faded
RARES: Head + Cheek Markings | Plain + Faded
ULTRA RARE: Blackout Head Fade

Fresh, Faded, Worn and Faint Versions Included.

  • FATPACK will be available of this gacha, but permissions will be Copy/Modify/No Transfer
  • All tattoos are recommended to be worn with a head shine on top for the best result
  • Tattoos may look different on different head types

Also wearing Lilithe – Zhilia Leg Tattoos available at their mainstore.

Normandy-VOX Bodysuit @ Mainframe

Rigged for Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Hourglass, Freya, Kupra, and Erika

Hud includes 14 colors to customize cups, bodysuit, metal, and cover. Additional customization hud for tinting, glow, and opacity. Please try the demo.

Babyboo Rebel Bento Pose Set @ Dubai

6 bento poses (mirrors included)

TROPIX // Cyber corridor @ The Man Cave

Available in 4 color versions. C/M/NT. 61 LI.