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Let’s talk about the eBody Reborn. Wow, this body is beautiful! I am a long time Legacy lover, but eBody is giving it a run for its money.

In my opinion, the eBody Reborn is a perfect mix between the Legacy Classic and the Inithium Kupra.

When The Mesh Project reworked their classic body and rolled out the Legacy body, I thought it was hands down the best body on the market. In my opinion it made my Maitreya body look like a boxy antique. I switched immediately and have never looked back, even trying out their “Perky” version as well.

Then the Kupra body came out, and of course I had to try it. Now, I don’t typically have a very curvy shape, but I do like a little thickness. For me, the Kupra body was a step in the right direction for avatars who like a thicker more voluptuous look, but the problems outweighed the positives and back into the box it went.

Now with the eBody Reborn set to release October 10th at Equal10 I’ve decided to take another crack at a curvy body.

Here is a raw unedited shot of the body.

eBody Reborn seems to have taken all the issues that most people had with the Kupra body and corrected them. Everyone has their own qualms with Kupra, but for me there were a few big issues that kept me from wearing it. 1 – The shoulders, 2 – The breasts, 3 – The wrists, 4 – The Calves, 5 – The Hud.

1 – The shoulders
The shoulders were boxy and the joint where the arm met the shoulder was raised and you could not fix this easily with out deformers. This was a very frustrating issue when it came to posing for photos.

2 – The breasts
This was the biggest issue for me. The breasts were large and even the “natural” setting appeared bimbo. You could not make them smaller than 50 with out squashing them. Also the nipples seem to flatten the breast in a way that was not flattering.

The smaller Kupra option, Kupra Kups, also had an issue with the breasts looking unrealistically pert while being very round and elongated.

3 – The wrists
The wrists on this body were broken beyond repair. Most poses that bent the elbow or the wrist made the mesh appear broken or warped. This is something I had to constantly fix in photoshop.

4 – The Calves
While you could make the thighs of the Kupra body thick, the calves never seemed to change and gave the body an unrealistic appearance in the legs. Typically speaking, the size of the thigh is proportionate to the calf.

5 – The HUD
The HUD was overall not terrible, but the absence of the alpha HUD was really disappointing. Sure you can buy alpha layers but that is just another step that feels very antiquated. At this stage in the mesh body game an alpha HUD is a nonnegotiable.

Now, speaking of HUDs, let’s take a look at the eBody HUD…

On the first tab of the HUD you’ll find the 5 different nipple options, including no nipple if you prefer your own mesh nipples. I tested all of these nipple options and you can see each of them in the slideshow below. I personally like the 4th option best.

I have not tested the “Mesh Bom Parts” section so I’m not sure exactly that that does. I assume it is a way to control the opacity of these things perhaps. There are different neck sizes as well as a color gradient to tint your skin.

**Update** I was recently told that the bom parts on the Reborn HUD are there so when you wear bom clothes they can “drape more naturally” on the body like clothing applier layers.

On the second tab of the HUD are the hand and feet poses. There are 21 different hand poses as well as an option to randomize them and 5 different feet poses with a built in ankle lock.

On the third tab of the HUD are the nail presets. I was really impressed with the range of nail shapes offered in the HUD. I loved being able to wear very long dramatic stiletto nails, and I thought the colors offered were great. I tested all 6 of the nail options and you can see them in the slideshow below.

There is another feature on the eBody Reborn HUD that is missing on the Legacy HUD, and that is the ability to have the toenails turned off. This is very important feature to have when wearing bom socks.

On the fourth tab of the HUD is the alpha menu of the HUD. I was very happy that this body came with this feature. Most bodies do, however the Inithium Kupra did not and that was a big turn off for me. The alpha cuts on this body are good, and I actually like the way they are presented.

On the Legacy HUD it can be kind of difficult to get the cuts under the arms for example on the side of the torso because the arm of the body model is covering it. With the alpha cuts unwrapped here it is easier to find the piece you are looking for.

So, those are all the positives I have found so far for the body. Now, for the very few negatives.

1 – The Butt
For me, the butt is a little too prominent. My butt is on 0 and it is still quite juicy. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, but proportionally it doesn’t really make sense. When you make the butt larger you have to really over compensate with the hip length so that the butt looks round as opposed to pointy. In the slides below my butt goes from 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100 so you can see what I’m referring to. For reference my hip length is 45.

2 – The Feet
Secondly, the feet are…strange. Normally on Legacy my feet are set to about 50. On this body I had to turn my feet all the way down to 25. When they were on any number bigger the back of the heel jutted out in a very unnatural way.

And that’s it! Honestly, I really like this body. I think it is a great body for avatars who want to be curvy to very thick. The body is very smooth, nothing seems to stick out or seem broken, and so far my skins and tattoos still fit nicely on it. I am eager to see what updates come to this body and I hope that it will be widely created for.

Thank you eBody for providing me this body to review. I hope you all found this review helpful, and I encourage you to demo the body. It will be released at Equal10 on October 10th.