White Witch

To those that I love, like a ghost through a fog, like a charmed hour, and a haunted song.”

Sponsored by Necrosis

— Outfit Credits —
Horns: Normandy – Skaoi Horns + Crystals @ Necrosis November
Dress: Beauty of Darkness – Selene Long Dress @ Necrosis November
Hair: Stealthic – Fatal
Eyes: Cureless – Purgatory
Tattoo: Germinal – Fae Yule Tattoo @ Necrosis November
Face Enhancement: Pout – Frost Bitten *Snow Only* @ Necrosis November
Lashes: Pout – Frost Bitten Lashes @ Necrosis November
Skin: Wyrd – Yrsa Pewter
Gloves: Human Glitch – Shlvng Set

— Scene Credits —
Scene designed by Vitani Vortex of Moonless Designs

Purple Haze

Outfit Sponsored by CandiYamz

— Outfit Credits —
Bikini: CandiYamz – Ariella Bikini for Kupra
Hair: Doux – Elijah
Necklace: Kibitz – Mystical Stars necklace
Brows: Suicidal Unborn – Agnes brows
Eyes: Mila – Galaxy eyes
Lips: Velour – Santana Lips
Lashes: Wedneday – Doll House Lashes
Ears: Swallow – Crossover ears
Nails: Avada – Ballerina Nails

— Scene Credits —
Paleto Backdrop Pantella Nude
Tentacio Towel Beach
Tentacio Beach Flip Flops
Tentacio Watermelon

Mithral Philodendron Verrucosum (White Pot)
Mithral Dwarf Umbrella Tree (Black Pot)
Mithral Philodendron Plowmanii (White Pot)

Tarte Fiddle Leaf Fig
Tarte Ficus Elastica

‘Tis The Season

“…all she ever talks about is Louis, Louis. All she ever talk about is Louis Vuitton.”

Sponsored by Sex’i Poses
Pose: Sex’i Poses – Shopping Time
**Bags are included, however I edited these bags in Photoshop. To see what the real bags look like please click here.**

— Outfit Credits —
Jacket: Venom – Essie Velvet Jacket – Olive [Kupra]
Pants: Venom – Essie Velvet Pants – Olive [Kupra]
Shoes: Merch – Platform Desert Boots (Chestnut)
Hair: Doux – Alaska
Necklace: Hilly Haalan – Dollar Babe Choker KUPRA (MP Link)
Purse: Reign – Shanel Belt Bag
Nails: Avada – Ballerina Nude Nails
Tattoos: Rainbow Sundae – Geo Minis III

— Scene Credits —
Backdrop: Foxcity – Fifty Five Photobooth
Dog: Foxwood – Chowchows
Mailbox: Japanese Mailbox – normal version (MP Link) ((Gacha Item))
Trashcan: Grimes Central Design – Public Trash Can (MP Link)
Wreath: Hive – Lighted Holiday Wreath Flocked
Topiary: Apple Fall – Juniper Topiary
Package: Amazon Prime box (MP Link)
Pigeons: Mesh Pigeon Christmas Gift (MP Link)
Ground Traffic Marks: Violetility – Ground Dirt Medium Traffic

Light on Snow

“And in your rarified air I feel sunblind I’m looking up at you there high in my mind…”

Sponsored by Aleutia. Photo taken at the Moonless Designs. Sim. Decor by Moonless Designs.

— Outfit Credits
Dress: Aleutia – Michelle Dress Available @ FaMESHed
Boots: Bowtique – Suede Thigh Boots
Hair: Truth – Forever
Tattoo: Rainbow Sundae – Geo Minis III
Gloves: Izzie’s Knit Gloves
Lipstick: WarPaint – Dazzle Lip Cream
Face Enhancements: WarPaint – #IWokeUpLikeThis4 – freckles + blush + liner
Ears: Swallow – Crossover Elf Ears

— Scene Credits —
Photo taken at the Moonless Designs. Home Sim
hive: holiday garland
hive: lighted holiday wreath
dust bunny: storybook living . old backpack
Foxwood: Chow Chow – Lay Decor – White
+Half-Deer+: Quiet Deer Fawn – Shadow
dust bunny: laundry room clutter . island blanket
dust bunny: storybook living . fresh bouquet
floorplan: repurposed ski lift / silver

Stay in Bed

“Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song. You go ahead, let your hair down…”

High Quality Version on Flickr
Sponsored by CandiYamz

— Outfit Credits —
Outfit: CandiYamz – Jade Pajamas
Hair: DOUX – Danni Hairstyle
Dog: JIAN – Cheeky Chihuahuas
Accessory: DePerla Poses – Cellphone

— Scene Credits —
Background: {theosophy} – Bonvilston Skybox
Bed: Bazar – Arizona Bed
Donuts: Reign – Baked Goods Box
Books: tarte. – Journal Stack
Laptop: .peaches. – Eryx Laptop Clutter
Magazines – .peaches. – Emunah Bed Magazine Clutter
MINIMAL – Monstera Plant 5
Mithral * – Funnel Pot Plant Set (Neutral Pots)
tarte. – fiddle leaf fig
tarte. – hanging planter
tarte. – photo grid RARE
tarte. – string light photos


“But if the world was ending you’d come over, right? You’d come over and you’d stay the night. Would you love me for the hell of it?”

High Quality Version on Flickr
Sponsored by Sex’i Poses

Sex’i Poses: Sexy Bath Couple (includes tub)

— Scene Credits —
Foxcity: Rose Bathroom Photobooth
Hive: Macrame Hanging Plant Purple Polka
Tarte: Ficus Elastica
DRD: Rustic Bathroom Towel Rack
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Board
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Hair Vial
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Soap Dish
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Brush Dish
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Stool
Nutmeg: La Baignoire Floor Towls
Nutmeg: Attic Hideout Painting


“Find me where the wild things are…”

Sponsored by WarPaint*

— Makeup Credits —
Freckles/Blush/Liner: WarPaint* – #IWokeUpLikeThis4 – freckles + blush + liner
Brows: WarPaint* Paloma Brows – Honey
Lipstick: WarPaint* – Dazzle Lip Cream

— Outfit Credits —
Jacket: Luas – Mariska Blazer – Navy
Dress: Luas – Mariska Dress – Pink
Shoes: Pure Poison – Jennifer Socks & Heels
Hair: Doux – Jihyo (Unrigged Bangs Included in Deluxe Pack Only)

— Background Credits —
My personal home decorated by Moonless Designs.

Fortune Teller

“I can read your future. I can change it ’round some, too. I’ll look deep into your heart and soul…you do have a soul, don’t you?”

Sponsored by The Darkness Chamber Fair

— Body Enhancement Credits —
Rainbow Sundae: Demon Skin Overlays
WarPaint: Moonage Eyeshadow
WarPaint: Paloma Brows
WarPaint: #IWokeUpLikeThis4 – Freckles + Blush + Liner
Keikumu – Squalane Gloss (Eyes & Forehead)
Ladybird: Sunny Blush (30%)
Izzie’s: Breast Veins + Stretch Marks
Izzie’s: Cellulite + Stretch Marks
Skoll: Warriors Scar Set
Cureless: Yuurei Eyes – Purgatory (Right Eye)
Heaux: Baby Eyes – Periwinkle (Left Eye)
Mandala: Fantasy Elf Ears
Germinal: Silence Hands Tattoo @ TDCF
Monso: My Hair – Julia
Heaux: Mei Skin *Limited Edition*

— Outfit Credits —

Implings: Cassadaga Sarong Outfit @ TDCF
Ars Hokori: Demon Lord Horns @ TDCF

— Scene Credits —

Bad Unicorn – Freetown Forest Backdrop
Lilith’s Den: Garouka @ TDCF
Angry Store: Korax @ TDCF

Pillar of Souls

“Won’t you shake a poor sinner’s hand?”

*Sponsored by The Darkness Chamber Fair*

—– Outfit Credits —
Outfit: Beauty of Darkness – Pandora Body Suit @ TDCF
Body Tattoo: Leave Your Mark – As Above So Below @ TDCF
Face Tattoo: Leave Your Mark – Demonic Gift Face Tattoo @ TDCF
Leg Garter: CULT – Kalma – Legacy Right
Hair: [Yomi] – Lyra Hair
Makeup & Freckles: WarPaint* – #IWokeUpLikeThis4 Freckles + Blush + liner

— Background Credits —
What’s Lost Spirits – Pillar of Souls @ TDCF

Living Dead Girl

Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable lust for the dead?”

— Outfit Credits —

Skin: WYRD – Eyja *Sponsored*
Eye Makeup: WarPaint* – Vampyr Base+Underline+Liner *Sponsored*
Eyes: -bus- Inner Demon Eyes Black Magic
Hair: [Yomi] – Bite Hair & Satin Gag
Hairbase: SIIX – Burmese Hairbase
Horns: DREAMCATCHER – Demon Horns V2
Monokini – Moon Elixir x MUSE – Explicit Content
Nails: Avada – Stiletto Morrigan Nails

— Background Credits —

The Bearded Guy – Horror Night RARE – Halloween Mood

Queen of the Dead

“The bitch is back.”

Shout out to Aeron for helping me staging this photo and for the lovely gifts. If you haven’t checked our Aeron Bleeds Clear yet on Flickr you absolutely must! He is a dear friend and a great photographer.

— Outfit Credits —

Hair: Fabia – Etheln Rare 1 *Gacha Item* @ Oct Round of Epiphany
Face: Studio Exposure Makeup – Skull Punk Face Mask Rare 1 *Gacha Item* @ Oct Round of Epiphany
Accessory: IDTTY Faces – Night Empress Mask
Dress: Cureless[+] – Hekate Dress
Skin: [Heaux] – Lyra Skin – Porcelain *FLF Exclusive*
Ears: Sweet Thing – Nahri
Eyes: Cureless[+] – Yuurei Eyes Purgatory

— Scene Credits —

Backdrop: Foxcity – Final Rest
Pose: Magnifique Poses – Vampire Coffin