pitch black portraiture


portrait – $L3,000

couple portrait – $L5,000

group portrait [3 people] – $L8,000 + $L2,000 per additional person

[basic info]

  • photos are taken in black dragon on ultra settings with custom windlight and projectors.
  • all photos are edited on a graphics tablet in photoshop
  • you will receive 2 versions – 2k second life size and 6k full size
  • unless otherwise arranged photos will be delivered to the email you provide
  • please allow 3 days for delivery

[terms & conditions]

  • a $L1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to book an appointment
  • all sessions are 30 minutes, please come prepared
  • if you have to cancel your appointment please message poppy lemongrass in-world or on facebook
  • a late fee of $L500 will be applied to anyone arriving after their appointment time
  • no shows will be charged an additional $L1,000 to reschedule


i reserve the right to refuse any client for any reason. photos provided by me will contain a watermark signature that is not to be removed. full payment must be made at the end of the appointment. no photos will be edited with out payment.

click here to book an appointment

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